8T8 Capital is a consulting company and private investment firm (Family Office) based in Hong Kong.

The company invests in a wide variety of products and sectors, including but not restricted to hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and various direct private company investments.

8T8 Capital has the knowledge and experience to offer company valuation services, due diligence on companies and funds and strategic management advice in a wide variety of industries.

The experience of the firm covers various geographical regions, including but not limited to Southern Africa, UK and Europe as well and a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The founder and managing director has experience and a proven track record in:

- Project management

- Government relations and private public partnerships (PPP)

- Capital raising in various industries

- Fund management

- Business valuation

- Strategic management advice


The advisors and participants in 8T8 Capital are from very diverse backgrounds which covers:-

- Brand management and coaching

- Securities, futures and derivatives trading

- Capital medical equipment supply and maintenance

- Mining and resources

- Agri-Chemical Industry

- Retail industry

- Event management


8T8 Capital Ltd accepts no liability for any loss arising from information contained herein. The owners and employees of 8T8 Capital make no warranty relating to the suitability of any investment which may arise from presented material or information. The investor is solely responsible for reviewing any and all fund documentation, and performing that amount of due diligence on an investment and manager as it deems appropriate and necessary. This action includes seeking independent legal and tax advice. Therefore, any information provided by 8T8 Capital should not form the primary basis for an investment decision. Past performance in no guarantee of future performance. Data contained herein were assessed to be accurate at the time of release and publishing.

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